Who is this 2 day vestibular therapy course for?
This course is intended for physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, audiologists, chiropractors, athletic therapists, naturopathic practitioners, and physicians who want to move from questioning their ability to adequately address dizziness & balance problems to being confident in doing so.



Results of taking the course


After taking the course one should have a better understanding of how to treat patients with vestibular problems. This knowledge and skill set will result in 2 key things:


  1. Improved outcomes with this patient population which means improved quality of life for your patients. 
  2. The opportunity to expand you and your clinics caseload with this patient population (i.e. BPPV, inner ear infection, elderly, fall prevention, TBI/concussion, etc). 

Course objectives
By the end of this course one should be able to:



  1. Explain in lay terms the anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system.
  2. Perform a vestibular assessment, interpret the findings and identify those who will respond to vestibular therapy.
  3. Develop a treatment plan for those who will benefit from vestibular therapy.
  4. Understand the expectations for treatment, outcomes, and timeframes.
  5. Have some fun while doing so. 

Course content

2 Day Course Content:

Anatomy & Physiology of the Vestibular System.

Vestibular Pathology.

Patient History.


Musculoskeletal & Neurological Screening.

Oculomotor Examination and Lab with infrared goggles.

Patient Demonstration (if can be arranged).


Treatment of BPPV.

Treatment of Vestibular Hypofunction.

Motion Sensitivity Testing and Treatment.

Balance Testing and Treatment Progressions.

Treatment for Other Peripheral Vestibular Disorders.

Treatment for Central Vestibular Disorders.



Cervicogenic Dizziness.

Concussion Management.

Case Studies.

The course will also include a course manual, support videos, interactive labs, list of references used in the course material, list of product suppliers, and a course certificate.

Note: Shorter courses are also available and course content can be adjusted to the groups needs and level of previous training. 

Are there any shorter courses and are webinars an option?


The 2 day course is the signature series course as it is the most comprehensive course Kregg offers. Shorter, spotlight courses ranging from 1 hour to 1 day have also been developed and can be arranged based on the needs and experience of the course participants. They can be done in person or in a live webinar.

Bottom line: A course can be developed for your specific needs.

Is mentoring an option?

Mentoring is definitely an option through videoconferencing. Click here for more information.



A bit about Kregg



Kregg has been a registered physical therapist since 1995. Over the years his caseload has shifted from solely orthopedic to a mix of orthopedic and vestibular. With this background he has also established a reputation for treating concussion, having treated athletes in the NFL, CFL, college ranks, WHL, high school athletes, and the weekend warrior. 

In 2008, he completed all of the requirements of the Vestibular Rehabilitation: a competency based course at Emory University, Atlanta Georgia. Since then he has continued to take ongoing courses throughout North America in regards to orthopedics, traumatic brain injury, and vestibular therapy. He has also been asked to teach weekend courses and present at various conferences throughout North America and Europe. 

In 2010, Kregg opened North 49 Physical Therapy in his hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The clinic has since  grown from a staff of one to seven physical therapists, where over half of the caseload consists of patients with dizziness and/or balance issues. 

Further information about Kregg can be found at: https://www.north49therapy.com/our-team/kregg-ochitwa/

What others are saying
  • “Awesome thanks. Very practical.”
  • “Well presented. Able to simplify the material demonstrating expertise in the field. Very helpful analogies and demonstrations.”
  • “One of the best courses I have taken!”

How to book a course or contact Kregg
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kregg at:

T: 306-343-7776.

E: kregg@north49therapy.ca.

Coming soon ...


We are excited to announce that in 2022 we will be releasing more online education courses in regards to vestibular therapy!

Click here to see what we have so far.