My passion in life is working with those who are having a difficult time on their self-journey and want to improve their quality of life. I take pride in my work and those who have worked with me  know that I am a very technical teacher when it comes to exercises. Core exercises are one of the most common exercises in the fitness industry; however they have a tendency to be performed incorrectly, limiting core strength. Core exercises, however; are my favourite! 

Why is core important?

Core is our centre. Core is where our full body strength comes from; our power. Core is often perceived as that 6 pack look; that flat belly achieved by endless abdominal crunches – this is 100% a misconception. Every day activities such as walking, sitting, lifting, twisting, put our core muscles to the test. It is time we change the perception! 

When I talk “core”, I mean torso. Everything from the tip of our shoulder – to our hip – and everything in between. Our core is comprised of 35 different muscles, all at different angles, allowing for the vast majority of movements our bodies can perform. 35!! You cannot tell me that by doing crunches your targeting them all. 

Benefits of a strong core.

The benefits of core strength are endless and I am sure I’m only touching the surface here; however the main ones I see in my line of profession are:

  • Safer everyday movement – Everyday acts call on your core (shovelling the driveway, raking leaves, carrying groceries, etc). It is always activated, always working. By strengthening our core those movements become easier and less cumbersome. 
  • Posture/breathing – a poor core foundation can lead to improper posture/slouching. Good posture lessens the wear and tear on the spine, improves confidence and allows those lungs to breathe deeply. 
  • Back pain – I hear numerous times. “I have back pain so I need to strengthen it.” Back pain may be prevented by a strong core foundation; in fact, when back pain strikes core exercises are often prescribed to relieve it. Given the proper core exercises that is (wink, wink)
  • Injury prevention – Properly building your core and having a strong foundation enhances balance and stability of muscle groups surrounding. Thus it can help with falls and injuries during sports and other activities. 
  • Athletic performance – Physical strength starts in the centre. If you focus on strengthening your centre, all your extremities move more efficiently as a result. Posture, respiratory function, and neuromuscular facilitation all benefit as well. 
Stay tuned for part 2 – Back to Basics

If you’d like to learn more about how core strengthening can benefit you. Please feel free to contact myself, Tamara Kowal, at 306-343-7776.