Neck & Back Pain


Neck and back pain go back as far as recorded history and are still common complaints. In the past, treatment has been mainly activity avoidance and rest. The current research, however, shows that a different approach to neck and back pain is more beneficial. A review of the recommended treatment will be broken down into pain control, activity and action.

Pain Control, Activity, & Action

Pain Control

Neck and back pain are usually episodic and recurrent, with each episode typically resolving on its own. There are however a few simple treatment options to help control the symptoms throughout the episode. They include: using simple painkillers (following the pharmacist’s and/or doctor’s instructions) and applying ice or hot packs. Seeing a local manual therapist (i.e. physio therapist, chiropractor) on a time limited basis is also recommended as they can provide some pain control strategies through hands on therapy and/or advice on some activities and exercises that can help control your symptoms.


Staying as active as possible is key to your recovery. Participating in a general exercise program and trying to remain at work or getting back as soon as possible are vital despite having some ongoing symptoms. The longer you stay off work the more likely you are to develop chronic pain and disability.


Discuss your daily activities whether it be leisure activities or work that you are having problem with to your care providers and employer to see if some temporary modifications can be made. Most people will get back to their normal activities within several weeks. If you are unable to after several weeks, you should definitely be seeking the assistance of your doctor, physiotherapist, and/or chiropractor.

Other reasons to seek medical attention in regards to neck or low back pain are: severe pain which progressively worsens over several weeks instead of improving; you are feeling unwell (i.e. fever, chills, night sweats, fatigue); having difficulty passing or controlling urine; numbness around the back or groin; numbness, pins and needles or weakness in arms, legs or an unsteady feeling in your feet. In the absence of these things you can attempt the above strategies. If one has further questions regarding the treatment of neck and/or back pain they should feel free to discuss this with their current health care providers and/or the team at North49.



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