Luke Ochitwa


Luke earned his academic credentials by successfully completing the esteemed exercise science program at Lander University, situated in South Carolina, in the year 2023. His commendable professional journey boasts prior engagements in the domains of strength and conditioning, alongside invaluable contributions in the realm of cardiac rehabilitation. Notably, Luke’s passion with sports medicine has been a driving force in shaping his aspirations.

Moreover, his illustrious experience as an esteemed NCAA college athlete has uniquely positioned him as a well-versed individual, adept at navigating the dual roles of both a patient and a practitioner. This exceptional blend of firsthand experiences has undoubtedly fortified his expertise and profound understanding of the intricacies inherent in sports medicine.

To get in touch with Luke, you can call 306-343-7776 or send him an email at luke@north49therapy.ca


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