As many of you know I have been at North 49 since its beginning; 10 years to be exact. I was hired on when our facility had no flooring, a fresh paint smell and an optimistic outlook on what was to come. I have been the voice behind many phone calls, urgent scheduling and assisting our patients in any way possible.

But, what many of you don’t know is that I am a Kinesiologist and it truly is a passion of mine

What is a kinesiologist, you may ask? 

Put simply…Kinesiologists are highly knowledgable “personal trainers” with extended knowledge in injury rehabilitation, chronic conditions, and human performance.  


Are Kinesiologists and Personal trainers different?

Yes, pending on what you are looking for however; teaming up with either can make a positive impact on your physical health. Here is the difference:  

I truly believe that having a Kinesiologist in your back pocket will simply enhance all aspects of your life. The benefits of staying active are well known, and many health care providers are collaborating with kinesiologists because of this. I see my profession as an evolving one; an underrated gem. 

Fitness to me isn’t just about getting faster or stronger, it’s about the little victories – tying your shoes, walking without a cane, or being able to go up stairs with ease. I got into this industry with a desire to help people; with a need to educate and inspire. I feel our bodies all have such incredible potential that we just need to be encouraged, taught and pushed out of our comfort zones sometimes in order to reach it.

If you’d like to learn more about Kinesiology, or how it can benefit you. Please feel free to contact myself, Tamara Kowal, at 306-343-7776.