A few weeks ago a young gentleman came to North 49 due to his dizziness. The dizziness had been bothering him for some time and would come on for no apparent reason. It was not aggravated with head motion, being in busy environments, coughing, or with loud sounds. His vestibular assessment was unremarkable. He therefore asked if the dizziness could be due to him vaping. Our short answer was YES, especially if there was nicotine in the product he was vaping, which there was.

How Can Vaping Make Me Dizzy?

Nicotine can cause dizziness by itself. But dizziness can be further aggravated by other lifestyle choices: With further questioning, we learned this patient reported that he drank on average 2 energy drinks a day, regularly skipped meals, did not drink much water, and had some recent increased stressors.
We therefore reviewed that his dizziness was treatable as it was likely due to his lifestyle choices.
This story is a great example of how vaping can cause dizziness by itself, but more so when combined with any of the following:
➡️ Consuming caffeinated products (i.e. coffee, pop, energy drinks).
➡️ Not drinking enough water.
➡️ Not eating regularly.
➡️ Eating processed foods.
➡️ Poor sleep.
➡️ Stress.
➡️ The side effect of medication.
If you have any questions about dizziness feel free to contact North 49 at 306-343-7776 or visit our website at www.north49therapy.com
If you vape, do you really know what the short and long term health consequences are? Here is a good read to help you decide Hopkins Medicine 5 Truths You Need To Know About Vaping. But, always best to talk to your family physician.