In today’s face paced world finding time for activities can seem like an immense challenge. Between busy schedules, demanding workloads and commitments it can seem almost impossible to have any free time for physical activities. However, even within a routine, making changes to your lifestyle doesn’t have to be drastic or overly challenging. Here are some practical tips to seamlessly incorporate physical activity into your daily life.


The Power of Small Change

Embracing the power of small changes is key. For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car further away from the store are small yet effective ways to incorporate physical fitness into your lifestyle. A very common misconception is that you need to regularly visit the gym for physical activity. While a gym provides all the tools for reaching fitness goals, there are numerous other ways to incorporate physical activity without a gym membership. Even while watching TV, you can do bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups in your living room. These minor adjustments accumulate and contribute to a healthier and more active lifestyle.



Prioritize workouts as a non-negotiable commitment to yourself. Keep yourself accountable by blocking out specific times in your schedule solely dedicated to physical activity. Whether it’s going to the gym or simply taking a walk around the block, treating exercise with the same importance as other commitments will keep you accountable and more likely to stick with your routine. Integrating physical activity into your daily commute can also be beneficial. If you drive to work, giving yourself enough time to either bike or walk to and from work can provide exercise before and after your workday. It’s important to treat yourself like a professional athlete. When people spend all day at an office, they often don’t pay attention to their posture. Scheduling reminders into your computer or phone to remind yourself to get up, move around, and stretch could be a simple but effective method. Leaning forward towards the computer screen can lead to bad posture and weaken abdominal muscles and hip flexors over time. To prevent work-related injuries, make stretching a part of your daily routine, both before and after work.



Living in this day and age surrounded by technology makes it easier than ever to have a virtual assistant through fitness apps, online workout videos, or fitness trackers to guide and motivate your exercise regimen. As previously mentioned, many claim they don’t have time for the gym and prefer working out at home. Platforms like Google and YouTube offer an endless supply of information on exercises that can be performed at home. Only have 10 minutes of free time? There are numerous instructional videos catering to quick and effective workouts, such as those posted by the American Heart Association.


Working out with friends or family is one of the best motivational factors that one can have. Planning workouts or outings can not only provide you motivation but also support. This can also make exercising much more enjoyable and social. Incorporating exercise into your daily regime can be daunting but is very attainable. Everyone has time to exercise and find ways to incorporate this lifestyle, but it may not be a priority to all. Make exercise a priority and live a healthier, happier life.

Your health is worth the investment, today and every day.

Here’s to a healthier, happier you—starting now.

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