Ever experience an injury that did not have one single event that brought it on? These injuries can at times be due to change in our day to day activities. This type of injury can be simply call an “overuse” injury. How about pain at the back of the heel? Although there is not one moment that brings on heel pain, you may notice it slowly build up.

Why heel pain happens?

Pain in the back of the heel can occur for many reason, a commonly seen injury is due to having an achilles tendinopathy. This can occur in active populations such as runners, soccer players, or even rock climbers. It can however, affect those who are sedentary as well. It is also seen to affect males more than females, and the the average age for it to affect them is between 30 and 50 years old. achilles pain

How heel pain occurs?

Simply put, heel pain can occur from excess activity without adequate rest. This can be seen with athletes starting an intensive training program, or with weekend warriors who exercise excessively without proper rest. Other reasons seen to cause achilles tendinopathy can be due to tight lower leg muscles, weak calf muscles, stiff ankle joints, flat feet, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.   

What heel pain means?

Pain in the body means there is a process going on in the body that needs to be addressed. Often times, the tendon becomes thicker (in this case the achilles tendon), the tissue becomes unorganized, and there is new blood vessels being laid down. This can then lead to swelling, increased heat, and tenderness when touching the tendon or walking. If untreated, there may be ongoing inflammation and breakdown of the tendon.

Although achilles tendinopathy is a more common cause of heel pain, there can be other sources as well. Other sources of pain can include achilles tendon rupture, bursitis, systemic inflammatory disease, or fascial tears.

lower leg pain

Will heel pain go away?

The length of time it takes to recover from an achilles tendinopathy depends on the person. Some people feel less pain in as little as 10 days where others take over a year! One way to ensure proper healing of an achilles tendinopathy is through participating in an appropriate exercise program. Research shows that slow and controlled loading of the tendon is best for mid portion achilles tendinopathies.

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