Elise Gray


Elise graduated with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan’s School of Physical Therapy in 1996 and the College of Physical Education in 1997. Since then she has worked in the private practice setting in Saskatoon, having been the manager of multidisciplinary treatment teams. In 2021, she received  the Award of Merit for Clinical Excellence from the Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association. She has a keen interest and specialized training in treating infants with torticollis and plagiochephaly. Over the years she has also increased her skill and interest in vestibular therapy which is the assessment and management of patients experiencing dizziness and balance problems. In 2010, she attended and passed all of the requirements of the Vestibular Competency based course in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to this she has taken various other courses related to vestibular therapy, cancer care, functional assessment and rehabilitation, as well as numerous courses related to the assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions. In addition to her clinical work she has worked as a lecturer and lab instructor for the School of Physical Therapy.

Elise is currently a member in good standing with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists.

Elise is bilingual, speaking fluent French as well as English. Outside of work she is busy with her family and their activities, yet over the years has found time to impact others through volunteering in the community.

To get in touch with Elise, you can call 306-343-7776 or send her an email at elise@north49therapy.ca


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